The head of the serpent for Negroes-A Reply FE(2)

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The head of the serpent for Negroes-A Reply FE(2)
This is the Full Edition of the continuation of our response video to a comment we received on one of our previous videos. The comment is below
JL Meka • 3 weeks ago (edited)
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them" Mt.7: 20
@ THE RENAISSANCE you are not the only one who use the Bible to promote his cult. We have now many cults, sects who done the same thing, like the Mohammedan with their allah, the Mormons, the Jehovah's witnesses , and others branches who claim to be christians or not ... The line his already long and you are not and will not be the last one. It seems like every day someone come with his new old belief.
What's happening in Nigeria is not unique in Africa, name me one country in that continent who don't have a foreign country who rule over them. Emotional his the way to reach and to manipulate the African people !
So now let's think a moment :
I am Bantu. My ancestors had to flee their land, their country, 'cause of the Arab Mohammedans invasion and until now we are scattered around the world.
You said that all religious books are fairy tail, but you open ONLY and AGAIN the Bible, to say nonsense. You want to educate people but you can't do it for yourself. A blind, who want to be a guide, a voice of god ^_^ You want to bring back a juju god who write nothing, who talk to no one, who don't need to be worship, but had priests ^_^ So now my questions are :
Who call them to be priests? and to do what ? The God of the Univers of all humanity, for all people is name is juju ? And only one tribe in Nigeria know him, even when he talk to no one ?
Please explain to me how it works
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