Biafra Freedom and the Slave Master FE(3)

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Biafra Freedom and the Slave Master FE(3)
This is the Full Edition of the continuation of our video about a Freedom Seeking group(I.P.O.B) in what was Negroland and Guinea looking for Freedom from the Colonial and slavery structures of the Slave master and his accomplices.
However, as you would expect in every Negro gathering, there must be saboteurs, disunity, snitching etc. In this case, the group called Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) is currently looking for freedom from the colonial and Slave masters and of the Yoke of One Nigeria. As expected, the slave master connived with his slave hunting accomplices to abduct the leader of the Group and then infiltrated another group called Directorate of State(D.O.S).
In 2015 the same leader was arrested, and detained by the Slave master and his accomplices for two years without trial. Following his arrest in 2015, the leadership group called D.O.S was found to have compromised and the then Deputy Dissolved the DOS. The slave master and his accomplices then went back to the drawing board and this time got the deputy and afterwards the DOS. He then went ahead to kidnap the leader while having the D.O.S under him.
This video shows proof that the D.O.S is compromised and this is based on their actions, inactions and utterances.
We also tried to show the Negroes in the Diaspora why they have to look closer at what is happening in Biafra and Ambazonia and look at how the slave master and his accomplices are handling both to understand how the slave trade could have happened.
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