The Negro's worst Enemy-A Reply-FE(1)

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The Negro's worst Enemy-A Reply-FE(1)
This is the Full Edition of our response video to a comment we received in one of our videos.The comment is based on the dance of shame of the slave masters and his slave hunting partners in what was Negroland and Guinea and today - West and Central African.
The comment talks about a planned subterfuge by the slave hunters betrayed by their lack of humanity and commonsense where they allege that they have uncovered a plan by the Negroes looking for Freedom in Biafra shipping explosives and IEDS. However, the same way they captured and sold the Negroes to the Europeans and Arabs is how they are still working with the slave master today and against the Negroes.
The comment tried to suggest that even if the Freedom fighters were doing it out of self defence it does not matter because he does not understand who the slave hunters were and how much they love bloodshed. We tried to further explain that the slave hunters would apply such subterfuge when they plan to carry them out so ideally they were talking about what they planned to do.

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