1956/1957 Debate with lessons for Negroes_FE(2)

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1956/1957 Debate with lessons for Negroes_FE(2)
We do not own the copyright of these videos but they help us understand who the Negroes are.
This is a high school debate in 1956/57 that helps us to understand the Negroes and how Colonialism and Slave trade destroyed them. In this high school debate between students from the Gold Coast, South African, Nigeria and Ethiopia it shows that the Ethiopians were not Negroes. It also shows that even the Gold Coast and Northern Nigerians had biases against Negroes.
This should help all of us understand, that the deception of
We are all Africans we hear today
We are all black people
We are all Nigerians and so on.
We want you to use the debate to understand the cases of Biafra and Ambazonia and that forced Unity in Either Nigeria or Cameroon is purely the slave trade in disguise.
We are all blacks
It also helps to debunk the shameful aborigine Narrative of Dane Calloway and Kurimeo Ahau.
The modern day Ethiopian also repeated that he is NOT a Negro and even the girl from the Gold Coast considered them(Negroes) inferior.
We also see a Governor in what is River State in Nigeria today deny his identity the same way the Ethiopian was because the British/Arab(Fulani) Conquest and Jihad is being applied on them.
This should also help us understand why the slave master changes the identity of Negroes every now and then. In the 50’s even other Africans were against Negroes.In the debate please try to examine the so-called Farmer-Herders clash in West Africa today with the propositions of those from South Africa.